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White Laith Primary School is situated within Whinmoor in Leeds. Children and adults work together in an atmosphere of trust, respect and belonging. We aim to treat everyone with equal dignity and worth valuing their particular characteristics. The Staff and Governors are determined to make our school a place of excellence and the children
share that desire.

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Veggie Filo Parcels in Foundation

helen driscoll

Foundation practised their grating and mixing skills whilst making their own veggie filo parcels. It was tricky to hold the carrots and courgettes with our fingers rather than in a fist grip when grating them. After that we mixed the grated veg with root mash, cream cheese and grated cheese and spooned the mixture into our filo pastry. We cooked them in the oven until they browned. They smelled delicious!

Harrogate Flower Show Fun for Foundation!

helen driscoll

Foundation 2 had a great day at @HarrogateFlower Show. They took part in planting their own hanging baskets to take home, looking at the amazing show gardens and finding out about lots of different plants and flowers. Surprisingly we had the chance to do a bit of stone carving with a chisel and a mallet with Matombo. We also enjoyed listening to the Cliffton and Lightcliffe Brass Band and looking at graffiti art too! What a cultural day!

Learning Through Play is 'Easypeasy'!

helen driscoll

Foundation staff are excited to share a new learning app with parents and families starting on Saturday 26th January. The app will be delivered straight to parents’ mobile phones and then after watching the video, parents can play the game with their children as many times as they like. The games are designed to support the development of language, concentration, bonding and resilience. We are looking forward to hearing how families get on!


Foundation are Proud of their Smiles!

helen driscoll

Congratulations to our Foundation team on the teeth cleaning observation carried out by Leeds Oral Health Improvement Team. They were delighted with the procedure we use for cleaning teeth in Nursery and Reception and the way the children brush their teeth. Their comments included: 'Perfect!' & 'Absolutely Amazing!' It is great to know our children have a first class experience in all aspects of their care & learning!


Clean teeth, healthy smiles in Nursery!

helen driscoll

Today was the first day of our ‘Supervised Tooth Brushing scheme’. All the children were excited to try out their new tooth brushes and most really enjoyed the mild mint fluoride toothpaste. We hope this scheme will support parents when brushing teeth at home and reduce the need for invasive action for tooth decay.

Top tips include:

  • Brush teeth twice a day, most importantly before bed.

  • Spit out toothpaste, don’t rinse.

  • Visit a dentist regularly.

  • Limit sugar in diet. Eat sugar as part of meals only.

We hope this will help our children have many years of clean teeth and healthy smiles!


Foundation and KS1 Sports Day

Michael Sheerin

What a great event - thank you parents for coming along to support us. We have worked really hard this year to develop our physical skills (Agility, Balance, Coordination) and we put these skills to the test during our events. We used our strong hands and wrists for 'crawling' and holding tennis rackets. We also improved our sprinting speed by using the 'hips to lips' technique, concentrated hard to balance the tennis ball and our skipping was excellent!

Colourful Cats in Foundation!

helen driscoll

Look at our fabulous cats in the style of Laurel Burch. We loved the bright colours and simple shapes of Laurel's cats and so decided to draw some of our own. We drew the outline a bit at a time using black felt tips and then chose a pattern to draw inside them. Some of us chose circles, some chose triangles, zigzags and even flowers. We filled them in using pastels to create a vibrant look. What a great job we did! 


Sheep Paintings inspired by Marion Boddy-Evans @painter

helen driscoll

Following our farm trip we looked at Marion Boddy-Evans' amazing sheep paintings and tried our own. We colour-mixed shades of blue and green for the water, land and sky and then finger painted our sheep on top. What a great job we did!

We tweeted examples of our work to Marion Boddy-Evans @painter and she tweeted straight back! She really liked our work and said that we had 'made her day!' Wonderful to have recognition from a 'real' artist recognising Early Years' artists!