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White Laith Primary School is situated within Whinmoor in Leeds. Children and adults work together in an atmosphere of trust, respect and belonging. We aim to treat everyone with equal dignity and worth valuing their particular characteristics. The Staff and Governors are determined to make our school a place of excellence and the children
share that desire.

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Danube's visit to Stump cross Caverns

Lynn peckett

Danube class had a fantastic trip to Stump Cross Caverns and Coldstones Cut Quarry. We learned all about the caves, the rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, what limestone is made up of and what we use it for. It was a bit cold and wet up above the quarry but we all listened carefully and had lots of questions to ask.

Danube class had a fantastic trip to Stump Cross Caverns and Coldstones Cut Quarry.

Harrogate Flower Show Fun for Foundation!

helen driscoll

Foundation 2 had a great day at @HarrogateFlower Show. They took part in planting their own hanging baskets to take home, looking at the amazing show gardens and finding out about lots of different plants and flowers. Surprisingly we had the chance to do a bit of stone carving with a chisel and a mallet with Matombo. We also enjoyed listening to the Cliffton and Lightcliffe Brass Band and looking at graffiti art too! What a cultural day!

National Apple Day!

Rebecca Drinkall

Last week Year 1 went on a trip to the Great Yorkshire Show Ground in Harrogate to celebrate National Apple Day! We had a fantastic day and found out lots about apples! In our first workshop we used cooking skills such as, coring and mixing to make our own apple crumbles. During the second workshop we explored the orchard and tasted lots of different apples including, ‘Dog Snout’ and ‘Red Devil’ - yum! Lastly, we made our very own White Laith apple juice using an apple smasher and an apple press - it was hard work but we all enjoyed it!

Clean teeth, healthy smiles in Nursery!

helen driscoll

Today was the first day of our ‘Supervised Tooth Brushing scheme’. All the children were excited to try out their new tooth brushes and most really enjoyed the mild mint fluoride toothpaste. We hope this scheme will support parents when brushing teeth at home and reduce the need for invasive action for tooth decay.

Top tips include:

  • Brush teeth twice a day, most importantly before bed.

  • Spit out toothpaste, don’t rinse.

  • Visit a dentist regularly.

  • Limit sugar in diet. Eat sugar as part of meals only.

We hope this will help our children have many years of clean teeth and healthy smiles!


Glorious Sunflowers

Nicola Sheerin

What a welcome sight for the start of term! Our sunflowers grew really well over the summer holiday and are now flowering beautifully. Our pumpkins have also grown well and we are looking forward to harvesting them later this term - we hope to make Autumn lanterns and delicious pumpkin soup.

The grass enjoyed the summer sunshine and rain too and we have been busy clearing the cuttings to fill our compost bin! Our winter vegetables have already been sown and we will be planting Christmas-ready potatoes in the next few weeks. It's always busy in the garden!