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When you telephone school, 0113 2930280, the telephone is likely to be answered by Mr Barker (School Business Manager) or Ms Ashmore (Administrator). They are more than happy to deal with any queries you have and will arrange for you to speak to the relevant member of staff if required. If you require a paper copy of any information on our website please contact Mr Barker (School Business Manager) or Ms Ashmore (Administrator) in the office.

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Naburn Road
Whinmoor, Leeds, LS14 2BL
United Kingdom

0113 2930280

White Laith Primary School is situated within Whinmoor in Leeds. Children and adults work together in an atmosphere of trust, respect and belonging. We aim to treat everyone with equal dignity and worth valuing their particular characteristics. The Staff and Governors are determined to make our school a place of excellence and the children
share that desire.


Governor Committees

Governor Committees

The Governing Body
want to achieve the very
best they can for our
school and that means
the very best for
your children.






Teaching and Learning Committee (incorporating Pupil Support)

This committee monitors and evaluates Teaching and Learning in school. This includes evaluating the quality of provision for SEND pupils. Members of this committee identify specific elements of our School Development Plan and track progress against these objectives across the year.

The members of this committee are:

  • Mrs Jenny Horton (Chair)

  • Mrs Ania Briggs

  • Mrs Amy Ewing-Simmons

  • Mr Mike Haworth

  • Mrs Nicola Sheerin

  • Mrs Helen Driscoll

Resources Committee

The members of this committee monitor and evaluate the school finances, building and premises at White Laith. They work closely with the Head Teacher and the Finance Service at LCC to monitor the financial health of the school. They receive reports on the staffing structure of the school and ensure that we make the best use of this most valuable resource. This committee also ensures that the premises are safe, healthy and accessible for our staff and young people as well as the wider community.

Accessibility Plan 2018-2021

The members of the Resources Committee are:

  • Mr Tom Lloyd (Chair)

  • Mr Peter Whelan

  • Mr Greg Potter

  • Mrs Nicola Sheerin

Roles and Responsibilities

Please refer to the Chair or the Headteacher for LA guidance regarding these roles.

  • SEN - Mrs Ania Briggs

  • Safeguarding - Mrs Jenny Horton

  • CLA - Mrs Jenny Horton

  • Equalities - Mrs Jenny Horton

  • Child Protection - Mrs Jenny Horton

  • Pupil Voice/ School Council - Mr Mike Haworth

  • Pupil Premium - Mr Mike Haworth

  • PSHE - Mrs Jenny Horton

  • Health and Safety - Mr Greg Potter

  • Trust governor - Mr Peter Whelan

  • PSHE governor - Mrs Jenny Horton

  • Pupil Behaviour - Mr Peter Whelan

  • Attendance - Mr Peter Whelan

  • Staffing - Mr Tom Lloyd

  • Training - Mr Peter Whelan (Mr John Barker)

  • Head Performance Management and Pay Review - Mr Greg Potter, Mr Tom Lloyd and Mrs Ania Briggs

  • Staff Dismissal - Mr Tom Lloyd and Mr Peter Whelan

  • Pupil Exclusion - Mr Peter Whelan

There is also a pay appeal committee.

Class Links

All Governors have a link to a year group and visit their class informally throughout the year.

  • Aire (Foundation) Mrs Amy Ewing-Simmons

  • Nile (Year 1) Mrs Ania Briggs

  • Yangtze (Year 2) Mr Greg Potter

  • Danube (Year 3) Mr Mike Haworth

  • Zambezi (Year 4) Mrs Jenny Horton

  • Amazon (Year 5) Mr Tom Lloyd

  • Mississippi (Year 6) Mr Peter Whelan

There are four Full Governing Body meetings in an academic year: There are two sub-committees – ‘Resources’ (covering finance, staffing and the built environment), ‘Teaching and Learning’ including ‘Pupil Support’. Each sub-committee meets once per term and reports back to the next Full Governing Body meeting.