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When you telephone school, 0113 2930280, the telephone is likely to be answered by Mr Barker (School Business Manager) or Ms Ashmore (Administrator). They are more than happy to deal with any queries you have and will arrange for you to speak to the relevant member of staff if required. If you require a paper copy of any information on our website please contact Mr Barker (School Business Manager) or Ms Ashmore (Administrator) in the office.

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Naburn Road
Whinmoor, Leeds, LS14 2BL
United Kingdom

0113 2930280

White Laith Primary School is situated within Whinmoor in Leeds. Children and adults work together in an atmosphere of trust, respect and belonging. We aim to treat everyone with equal dignity and worth valuing their particular characteristics. The Staff and Governors are determined to make our school a place of excellence and the children
share that desire.


Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage

It not work to me, it was play – delightful play, vigorous play, adventurous play – and I loved it.
— Mark Twain

Curriculum Plan

The Foundation Stage curriculum is designed to meet the needs of young children and recognises how young children learn best.

Children learn Knowledge and Understanding (K&U), Personal and Social Education (PSE), Physical Development (PD), Mathematical Development (MD), Communication Language and Literacy (CLL), and Creative Development (CD) through stimulating activities and child initiated play. Much emphasis is placed on independence, motivation and the learning of key basic skills. By the end of Foundation Stage our children become confident, excited learners, ready for a challenge, equipped with the building blocks for life long learning.